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Baofeng uv 5r plus manual download free. Baofeng UV-5R Manual VHF/UHF FM TRANSCEIVER USERS MANUAL FC DUAL BAND/DUAL WATCH CTCSS TONE SCANNING DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING SYSTEM PREFACE Thank you for purchasing our Amateur Portable Radio, which is a dual band/dual display radio. This easy-to-use radio will deliver you secure, instant and reliable communications at peak efficiency.

Summary of Contents for Baofeng UV-5R Plus Page 1 Quick User’s Guide to The Yellow Radio What follows covers basic steps needed to effectively communicate using this radio, specifically: Turning the radio on and adjusting the volume, -Selecting the proper channel for communication, and -Fundamentals of talking on the radio. Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-5R Plus Quick User Manual (6 pages) Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-5RX3 User Manual (39 pages) Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-B5 User Manual (20 pages) Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-B5 User Manual (40 pages) Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-3R User Manual.

Dsp (20 pages) Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-3R Manual. Two-way radio baofeng uv-3r (20 pages) Summary of Contents for Baofeng.

Summary of Contents for Baofeng UV-5R Page 1 Baofeng UV-5R Step-by-Step Programming Guide Also applies to UV-5RA, UV-5X3, UV-5RAX, GT-3, BF-F8, BF-F9 Noji Ratzlaff Set the radio to communicate with a repeater at – MHz, Hz Turn on the radio and make sure it’s unlocked Set the transmit tone frequency (T-CTCS). Baofeng UV-5R Plus Manuals & User Guides.

User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Baofeng UV-5R Plus Two-Way Radio. Database contains 1 Baofeng UV-5R Plus Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Quick user manual. Baofeng UV-5R Plus Quick user manual (6 pages) Pages: 6 | Size: Baofeng UV-5R Plus Related Products. Baofeng BFS ; Baofeng GT-3 ; Baofeng. Thank you for purchasing the UV-5R Amateur Portable Radio from Baofeng Radio US, the official Baofeng distributor in the United States.

The UV-5R is a dual band/dual display radio made to combine extensive functionality with unmatched reliability. This intuitive radio will help you deliver secure, instant, and reliable communications with utmost efficiency. Please read this manual carefully File Size: 1MB. Manual Baofeng BFA/E User Manual [EN+DE] BFE Manuel en français BFE Manuel en français. BFST X. Manuals & Software. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products.

Software Programming Software. Manual User Manual. UV. UV Series. UV-5R / Plus X. Manuals & Software. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares. Page 1 Baofeng UV-5RA Quick Start Guide Introduction - Your UV-5RA radio has been programed to provide you with a pre-set channel set-up.

You have a wide variety of frequencies ready to be used simply by entering the channel number. This guide was designed to help you get started faster and easier than the existing owner’s manual.

User Manual Downloads. GMRSX1. DMR-6X2. BTECH MURS-V1. BTECH UV‑50X2, UV‑25X2, UV‑25X4. BTECH UVX3 Mobile. BTECH UV+ BTECH UV & UV BTECH UV-5X3 HT. BTECH GMRS-V1 HT. BaoFeng BF-F8HP. BaoFeng UVHP. BaoFeng UV Series. BaoFeng BF-F8+ BaoFeng UV-5R Series.

BaoFeng UV-3R+ BaoFeng UV-3R. BaoFeng BFS. Yes it can be done! Follow the 4 steps and you will be able to set up your radio in no time. 16/11/  I couldn’t find the freq/Ch switch, witch is on a UV-5R. Reply. Anonymous says: Novem at pm. Manuel d’instruction Baofeng uv r9 plus en français est ce possible? Reply. Boissier Stephanie says: Novem at am. Manuel en français du baoofeng uv 9r plus merci. Reply. grimal thierry says: Novem at pm. Bonjour, pourrais je avoir le manuel.

UV-5R User Manuals Original User Manual for the Baofeng UV5R Distributed with the UV-5R Transceiver: Manual (pdf) Original The (Chinese) Radio Documentation Project Written by Lennart Lidberg: Manual (pdf) Much Better: The (Chinese) Radio Documentation Project Written by Lennart Lidberg Annotated by Jim Unroe, KC9HI: Manual (pdf) Absolute Best Thanks to Jim.

21/05/  UV-5R plus is a compact HT with all the best functionalities of BaoFeng – all at an economical price. It supports FM, VHF, and UHF bands. Adding to that is the high-gain stock antenna, which provides the user with a decent range. If you’re looking for advanced features without paying a fortune, UV-5R+ won’t disappoint!/5(1). UV-5R User Manual. BF-F8HP User Manual. UVHP User Manual.

CHIRP Beginner’s Guide. Programming Software. BaoFeng UVHP VIP Programming Software. BaoFeng BF-F8HP VIP Programming Software. BaoFeng UV Series Programming Software. BaoFeng BF-F8 and UV-5R Series Programming Software. DMR-5R Programming Software. Baofeng DM Programming Software. CHIRP Download. Baofeng. 10/08/  The Baofeng UV-5R is one of the most popular dual band handheld two way radios on the market worldwide.

It's compact, feature packed, and very inexpensive. For many users who are new to programming portables, it is also one of the most challenging to program, primarily due to a poorly written user manual and an all but complete lack of support from its manufacturer, Baofeng. Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-5R Plus Quick User Manual (6 pages) Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-5RX3 User Manual (39 pages) Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-6 User Instruction (10 pages) Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV-3R Mark II Reference (15 pages) Summary of Contents for Baofeng UV-B5.

Page 1 BAOFENG UV-B5 TWO-WAY RADIO USER’S MANUAL Page 2 PREFACE Thank you for. Manual Baofeng UV-5R EX User Manual [Version ] Baofeng UV-5R EX User Manual [EN + DE] UV-5R Series Manual [IT] UVX3. X. Manuals & Software. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. Software UVX3 Programming Software V Manual UVX3 User Manual Programming Guide for UVX3.

Go. GT Series. GT X. Manuals &. 06/05/  A Real Baofeng UV-5R Owners Manual This entry was posted on May 6, by danny. The Baofeng UV-5R is very popular among ham radio enthusiasts, and for good reason! It is a dual band radio (2m/70cm) with tons of options at an almost unbelievable low price. When you reset the Baofeng UV-5R radio, it defaults to the Chinese language. How do you reset it to English? We show you. Hosted by Rick Savoia from https://.

19/06/  BaoFeng is a world-class manufacturer of top-notch handheld and mobile radio transceivers. In its category of basic HTs, the UV-5R generation has been a favorite! We often recommend the range to beginners looking for economical options. UV-5R has got a lot of cosmetic variations. This include UV-5R v2+, UV-5RA, UV-5RE, UV-5R+ (Plus). BAOFENG; View all Brands; Shipping. Blog. Programming Software.

Warranty. Support. Home. Programming Software. Programming Software. Model/series: Host version: Description: UV-5R Series: English: This software is used for UV-5R, BF-F8+, BF-F9 Radio Download: UV-5R III Tri-Band: English: This software is used for UV-5R III, F8+ III, UV-S9 Tri-band Radio Download: BFS: English: This.

BaoFeng UV-5R+ AND UV-5RE PLUS. 0 out of 5. BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band (VHF/UHF) Analog Portable Two-Way Radio. Read more. Add to wishlist. Quick View. Compare. Discontinued Handheld Products BaoFeng UV-3R and UV-3R+ 0 out of 5. Read more. Add to wishlist. Quick View. Compare. Discontinued Handheld Products BaoFeng UV-F8+ – 2nd Gen UV-5R. 0 out of 5. BaoFeng BF-F8+ /5(2). Baofeng UV-5R+ Plus UHF/VHF Dual Band Amateur Radio Handheld Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq, Dual-Standby Classic UV-5R compact design, compatible with UV-5R mAh extended batteries as well as other 5R series accessories/5().

Baofeng UV-5R manual programming is not difficult, but it requires some practice. Nothing really complex, but you have to put some effort to program the Baofeng UV-5R. How to manually program the Baofeng UV-5R from the comfort of your keypad. It’s not a joke. Programming manually a Baofeng radio, especially the model UV-5R is possible using the own keypad of the radio. Setting up and programming your UV-5R 1 | P a g e So far, the Baofeng UV-5R seems to be a steal of a deal.

Not without its flaws though, and one of them is the cryptic and incomplete manual. This article will teach you how to set up the UV-5R, and how to program frequencies into the memory by hand. These instructions are a small part of the “UV-5R Manual For Dummies“, which is being File Size: KB. Ansicht Und Herunterladen Baofeng Uv-5R Serie Bedienungsanleitung Online.

Uv-5R Serie Funkgeräte Pdf Anleitung Herunterladen. Auch Für: Gt-3 Serie, Uv-5R, Uv-5R+Plus. Baofeng UV-5R vii Preface Lennart Lidberg November 10th, Please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn't have time to build it to scale or paint it. — Dr. Emmet Brown This manual started out as a bit of a joke between friends, saying that "Someone should write a better manual!".

As it turns out, that someone turned out to be xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai Size: KB. Personally I never expected too much from BaoFeng UV 5R plus. Baofeng UV 5R plus is the evolution done in of the BaoFeng UV 5R first edition and I was thinking it will be not a surprise.

But I was wrong. BaoFengUV-5R+ Dual-Band / MHz FM Ham Two-Way Radio, simple as this. Baofeng UV 5R plus had many in-depth revisited features. 25/06/  BaoFeng UV-5R (left) and UV-5R+ Plus (right) The BaoFeng UV-5 is a neatly engineered little radio. And it is little: 55mm (wide) x mm (L) x 27mm (D) approx (measured at widest/longest parts and with no antenna).

The plastic moulding is good and belies the price tag. Before we proceed to operating/programming, a quick tour of the unit is in order. The tri-colour LED backlit dual frequency 5/5(1). 10 x Baofeng UV-5R PLUS (VHFMHz / UHF MHz) Two Way Radio 10 x V mAh Li-ion Battery Pack 10 x Antenna /Mhz 10 x Earphone Mic/Headset 10 x Belt Clip 10 x Hand Strap 10 x User Manual 10 x Adapter 10 x Desktop Charger 1 x Proramming Cable/5(89).

The Baofeng UV-3R Plus is a small dual-band radio whose design was the predecessor to the ever-popular UV-5R. Is it as impressive a radio for the price as its offspring? Depending on who you talk to, and what market you are talking about, the original Baofeng.


The Baofeng UV-9R Plus is a little trickier to use than a UV-5R, it requires different accessories and programming cable, transmits less power and is less frequency accurate, but I would rather carry it than the UV-5R every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

It sounds better, fits in my hand better, has nicer buttons, is supposedly waterproof, has a bigger battery, and has a nicer belt clip. Baofeng UV-5R manual: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Programming software: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Baofeng UV-5R Overall score: Baofeng UV-5R VNA Antenna Test. Baofeng UV-5R SRD spectrum analysis.

If you are interested, click here for an article on how I test radios. FEATURES: Frequency Range: / MHz; Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq. Display, Dual-Standby; Output Power:. BAOFENG. 3x Baofeng UV-9R Plus IP67 Waterproof UHF/VHF /Mhz Walkie Talkie Two Way Ham Radio + Headset.

BAOFENG UV-5R Plus BF-F8TD 8W High Power Radio. Baofeng ham radio is an durable and easy operation xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai if you are not a radio expert, you will find all the controls in a consumer friendly workbench setup. Used by amateur radios hobbyists, it provides reliable communications at a very low cost.

$ $ color. Qty. Add to Cart Secure Checkout With. Share: Description; Product /5(37). Baofeng UV-5R Review and OperationBy AB5N - xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai'm the guy who does the IC mic upgrades.

Baofeng UV 5R Plus UHF VHF Long Range Dual Band Ham Amateur Two Way Radio, Black out of 5 stars £ Baofeng GT-3TP Mark-III Walkie Talkie 8W/4W/1W UHF VHF 2 Way Radio Dual Band Handheld Transceiver with Car Charger and Antenna out of 5 stars £ Baofeng UV-5R TP Series Walkie Talkie 8W High Power Ham Radio Long Distance Dual Band Amateur 2 Way /5(11).

Baofeng UV-5R Plus UHF/VHF Dual Band Amateur Radio Handheld Radio Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq, Dual-Standby Don't worry,it's only to the xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai manual is too basic especially for people just getting into two way xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai put it mildly if you go by the instructions provided you end up with a radio where it is pot luck what you end up listening xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai the overall build quality,battery /5().

Baofeng UV-5R Programming Manual. Download Programming manual of Baofeng UV-5R Portable Radio, Radio for Free or View it Online on xn----7sbbrk9aejomh.xn--p1ai This version of Baofeng UV-5R Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: BF-F9, GT-3, UV-5RA, UV-5RAX, UV-5X3. BaoFeng BL-5 mAh Extended Battery Pack Compatible with BaoFeng UV-5R, UV-5RTP, UV-5RE, UV-5R PLUS, BF-F8HP, BF-F9, BF-F9 V2+ HP Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie.

out of 5 stars 1, £ £ 99 £ £ Get it Thursday, Dec Arrives before Christmas. Baofeng UV-5R Original Hand held Speaker Microphone for Dual Band Radio. out of 5 stars £ £ 6. 19/11/  Note: We recommend the original BaoFeng UV-5R BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio (Black) BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio Authentic FTDI USB Programming Cable for Kenwood, BaoFeng, and AnyTone CHIRP Programming Software.

Additional Resource: Enhanced UV5R user manual by Miklor (pdf) Post. 01/06/  BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ is another cosmetic variation of BaoFeng UV-5R. It was released along with the UV-5R and UV-5R+(Plus). Since I had already reviewed the other two versions, I decided to test the BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ Plus Dual-Band Ham Two-way Radio.

I bought it from Amazon and since I already had used many BaoFeng radios before, it was all easy/5(1). US$ US$ 42% Off Baofeng Walkie Talkie Audio Cable Adapter For Baofeng BF A58 GT-3WP UV-XR UV-9R Plus For UV-5R K Head Headset Change Port Cable 4 reviews COD US$ US$ 34% Off BAOFENG UV-5R 5th Gen Channel UHF MHz Handheld Dual Band Two Way Transceiver Radio Walkie Talkie 3 reviews COD.

BAOFENG UV-5R III Tri-Band UHF/VHF Walkie Talkie 5W Two Way FM Radio + Nagoya NA Antenna BAOFENG (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review × BAOFENG BAOFENG UV-5R III Tri-Band UHF/VHF Walkie Talkie 5W Two Way FM Radio + Nagoya NA Antenna.

Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments * £) SKU: BFBUN5RTRUSBN Condition: New. Weight: Brand: BAOFENG.

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